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The chemical resistant laminate

The product is specialized for laboratories and has a strong anti-corrosion function. It is widely used for worktables which have higher requirements for surface, such as worktables of hospitals, laboratories, etc.

Product appearance series

Product features

Fire resistance: As inorganic matter, the aerated concrete does not burn or generate toxic gas under high temperature.

Water repellency: Surmounting the deficiencies of traditional panels, such as easily getting mildewed and distorted, this product is water-proof, mildew-proof and moisture-resistance.

Smoothness: With smooth surface and sprightly lines, the warpage index of the panel is far below the national standard

Aesthetic sense: The panel is with bright colors and various forms of edge banding

Cleanness: Such features as stain-resistance, free from peculiar smell, non-permeation, easy cleaning turn out to be a revolution in the field of decoration materials.

Environmental protective: ALC panel has no radioactivity or harmful substance overflowing.

Chemical Resistance:It has lasting fire resistance and excellent ageing resistance.

Anti-ultraviolet:With good color stability, it has excellent anti-ultraviolet ability.

Impact-resistance:The product is made by high temperature solidification of special high pressure brown paper and phenolic resin, making the panel more impact resistant.


Physiochemical board is made of wood fiber which is soaked in synthetic resin under high temperature and high pressure. Its surface is characterized as acid and alkali resistance, impact resistance, wear-heat resistance, non-inflammability, easy cleaning, non-pollution to the environment and long service life after special physicochemical treatment. It is ideal material for lab worktable, medicine shelf, medicine cabinet, instruments and drug table of operation room, photographic laboratory worktable, palette worktable in printing industry, etc.

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