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Fire-proof HPL

Made of advanced decorative paper and advanced kraft paper through the process of dipping, drying, high temperature and high pressure, etc.; Multiple colors and surface treatment methods are available for you to choose.

Product features

Fire resistance: As inorganic matter, the aerated concrete does not burn or generate toxic gas under high temperature.

Water repellency: Surmounting the deficiencies of traditional panels, such as easily getting mildewed and distorted, this product is water-proof, mildew-proof and moisture-resistance.

Smoothness: With smooth surface and sprightly lines, the warpage index of the panel is far below the national standard

Aesthetic sense: The panel is with bright colors and various forms of edge banding

Cleanness: Such features as stain-resistance, free from peculiar smell, non-permeation, easy cleaning turn out to be a revolution in the field of decoration materials.

Environmental protective: ALC panel has no radioactivity or harmful substance overflowing.

Easy to be processed: The availability to be sawn, drilled, grinded and nailed easily reflects the design ideas.

Simple construction: The panel is mainly adopting dry construction method when being installed which is simple but efficient and can shorten the construction period.


Composed of a variety of non-combustible materials after the scientific deployment of repression, the board has the features of good fire resistance, over 3-hour fire-resistant time, high mechanical strength, non-explosive property, strong resistance to water, oil and corrosion, nontoxicity and so on. In the burning experiment, inorganic fire-resistant panel DC-A1-CD04 did not distort when the temperature reached up to 1000℃ with all of its indexes meeting the requirements stipulated by GB23864-2009 and its combustion performance reaching A level (non-inflammability) according to GB/T2408-2008. Inorganic fire-resistant panel DC-A1-CD04 is mainly used for fire-prevention protection and fire division when laying cables of different voltage on racks or bridges and it is widely used for fireproofing and flame retarding in cable engineering in domestic power plants, chemical enterprises, steel enterprises, mines and other regions with dense cables. The panel is also the best fireproofing an

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